Aug 1, 2019

As the saying goes, everything old is new again and this month, we are celebrating the classics. Ranging from pop culture iconic events to vintage wine, fashion, and home décor, August is filled with a walk down memory lane. Pepper in the arrival of coveted issues focused on the new, and you have a recipe for enjoying Mother Nature’s transition from summer to fall.

1 | To savor the last hurrah of summer, we are headed to California for some culinary R&R in the valleys of wine country. On our packing list is this charming Promenade tote, perfect for a bespoke picnic experience dining amongst the vines. Whether you’re in the vineyard, beachside, or at the park, Picnic Time’s classic wicker ware is the chicest way to carry all your provisions.

2 | Skip the awkward “You can’t sit with us” first day routine and instead, go back to school with a curated curriculum from the featured legendary instructors on Masterclass. With a diverse range of programming, you will feel like head of the class learning cooking techniques from the greats, including Thomas Keller and local Austin favorite Aaron Franklin, or studying conservation strategies from Dr. Jane Goodall. Your newfound knowledge will impress at cocktail parties, earning you a popular reputation on everyone’s invitation list.

3 | This August sees the resurgence of two icons: the prairie dress and the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock. Although the previously touted anniversary concert will not take place {see the series of unfortunate events here} we guarantee you’ll feel like prancing through festival fields in floral frocks like this dress from Laura Ashley’s exclusive collection for Urban Outfitters. Bonus points if you still have the original in your closet; sustainable and vintage are always groovy, babe.

4 | Just like friends, good furniture will be there for you and stand the test of time. No one knows this better than Pottery Barn, who has reissued their famous fixture from “The one with the apothecary table” in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of hit TV show, Friends. Now, you and your pals can swap stories from the days of yore over a Central Perk roast and everyone’s favorite coffee table.

5 | In an era where you can get pretty much anything delivered at any time, there is something nostalgic, and slightly displeasing, about having to anxiously await the arrival of the September Issues. Until our fall fashion manifestos are delivered via the glossy pages of our favorite publications, we will have to be satisfied with a tid-bit shared by British Vogue, meant to wet our appetite. They recently announced that HRH the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle has guest edited the magazine’s September issue, with a focus on women who break barriers, and everyone is a buzz. Looks like there’s more than just fashion in style for this season.

Photos Courtesy Of: 1 | Picnic Time 2 | Masterclass 3 | Urban Outfitters 4 | Pottery Barn 5 | British Vogue