Fêtes in Film | Animal House

Jul 18, 2019

If your Instagram feed is anything like ours, then you know that it seems like everyone is on an adventure abroad this summer. Whether it be France, Spain, Portugal, or Greece, we are feeling wanderlust seeing friends and celebrities soaking in the vibrant scenery and picturesque beaches of the Mediterranean. The seemingly endless Cerulean blue and white color palette from these posts got us daydreaming about a classic Grecian garden party. Everyone loves an excuse to don their best summer white ensemble and since no Greek party is complete without a toga, we thought why not grab the ouzo and throw together a gathering for your favorite gods and goddesses?

Although our picture of Greek life is more Santorini than Belushi, we can still find inspirational nods to the theme from the iconic toga party scene in the film Animal House. Let’s face it, we love an event theme and it always makes for a memorable occasion when guests have fun with the dress code. There is just something about a unified attire that makes people feel connected from the moment they arrive. Guests can admire one another’s unique interpretations of the theme and you can even inspire more crowd participation with an award for best dressed. Ethereal, breezy cottons and linen garments with gold accents bring a cohesive look to an event- a bonus for your photo op’s from the night. Take a cue from the eponymous flower crown craze and have a station where guests can design their own headpiece of greenery or gold leaves, anointing them with the perfect accessory to fully embrace the Grecian vibes.

While you gather guests under the summer night’s sky, invite them to take in the awe-inspiring astronomy with a fun mythical guide to the constellations. Reflect on interesting facts about famous icons from Greek Mythology through custom cocktail napkins, place cards, and party favors. We suggest printing constellations in metallic foil onto cocktail napkins and trivia-worthy tid-bit’s onto place cards. Perhaps some of Plato’s philosophies will inspire conversation, giving attendees an easy way to break the ice at their table.

Another reason why we love this theme is the décor can be comprised of many traditional household items, making it easy to pull together an impromptu midsummer soirée. Bring out your antique urns, geometric patterned tapestries, and white porcelain for the tables and pair them with centerpieces comprised of local bounty from the farmer’s market and of course, lots of candlelight! Decant wine on the table and incorporate boughs of greenery or bougainvillea from your garden to capture a look that reflects ancient heritage with fresh, seasonal gifts from the Earth. This theme works perfectly with an eclectic mix of tabletop items, so don’t be afraid to assemble a variety of pieces. If you have a mix of items that aren’t cherished heirlooms, you can spray paint the pieces and greenery in metallic gold to bring a uniform, gilded look to the space.

When the revelers are ready to dance, liven up your personal animal house and give them a reason to “shout” with a lively cover band playing classic hits. Adding the film’s signature song to your playlist will get guests of all ages out onto the dance floor and will be sure to have everyone singing in unison. The best part is those breezy togas leave plenty of room for getting down on the dance floor, opa!