An Insider’s Guide to the Best Photo Ops in The Domain and Domain NORTHSIDE

Sep 23, 2019

Photo Ops That Pop


by Cassie LaMere

Photographs by Holly Cowart for Tribeza

Cassie LaMere, Founder and Creative Director, introduces her latest article as a contributor for Tribeza Magazine: Photo Ops That Pop | An Insider’s Guide to the Best Photo Ops in The Domain and Domain NORTHSIDE.

Here, we celebrate the first day of autumn with a preview of the article, which features fall fashion trends and Cassie’s tips for the event season ahead, along with a link below to access the full guide.

GRACE CODDINGTON famously said, “Always keep your eyes open. Keep watching. Because whatever you see can inspire you.”

The iconic Vogue magazine alum had an eye for style and I’m often reminded of this quote as I walk around my neighborhood in the Domain and Domain NORTHSIDE. As founder and creative director of my namesake event design firm, I am constantly capturing images as ideas for future projects, and my backyard has become a favorite source for inspiration. Strolling throughout the property it’s easy to find reasons around every corner to grab a camera and snap a pic. In fact, I rarely step outside without encountering a tastemaker, a newly-engaged couple or furry friend posing for a picture with one of the many unique backdrops in the area.

In Austin, fall’s arrival means the season for special occasions is upon us be that festivals, weddings or casual cool-weather gatherings. The perfect photo can help turn any moment into a memory and while Instagram “likes” may disappear, the eyes of Texas are always upon you. A stylish photo can help personalize everything from event invitations to holiday cards and social feeds.

Knowing your camera roll is about to be working overtime, I teamed up with Tribeza to create an insider’s guide to the best photo ops in the area. I channeled Coddington’s editorial point of view to bring you my Top 12 Must-Visit spots for snapshots, plus a few fashionable locals we encountered IRL.

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