“Cassie LaMere is the kind of event designer who starts out with the seed of an idea and then makes the entire garden bloom like magic.” — Camp Round Top Hostess

We couldn’t feel more grateful to receive a compliment as eloquent as this. We’re even more grateful that said compliment lives forever in print: both in a 10-page spread and on the cover of the iconic September issue of Flower Magazine.

This editorial brought the story of Camp Round Top alive on the pages of the publication. In the company of so many wonderful garden, home, and lifestyle stories, the article featuring our glamping event at Camp Round Top is the most perfect editorial spread to celebrate this memorable gathering. We hope that readers were inspired by the creative details recounted and enjoyed being transported to the world of Camp Round Top as much as we enjoyed planning the event.

Starting from the ground up

While Camp Round Top sounds like a spontaneous glamping event for those with an eye for style, not many realized just how gargantuan the task of setting up a multi-day event in this location was. In just a matter of months, we transformed what was a pristine field with no existing infrastructure into a luxury, 5-star experience for the guests.

We lived with a crew of 25 on-site for 10 days and had the best time building this pop-up village in such a picturesque setting. Attendees arrived to spend three nights in fully-appointed bedroom tents that take ‘glamping’ to a new level of glam, featuring king-sized beds, Frette linens, and monogrammed pillowcases, emerging each day to a brand new experience from the day before. As the sun rose each morning, it brought with it unique and spectacular itineraries that exquisitely struck the senses of the guests.

Cassie LaMere Events’ contributions to Camp Round Top

At each and every touch point of the event, Cassie had a part to play. Each tent was individually decorated with accessories chosen by Cassie based on her research on each guest, providing a truly tailored and considered experience that made their home for the four days even more comfortable. Every detail, every theme, and every experience was carefully planned by Cassie and executed alongside the CLE team and her expert team of vendors. The Camp Round Top hosts graciously gave Cassie creative license to style the event the way she saw fit, making her and her team the chief creative brains behind every concept and detail. Team CLE dreamt up the themes and event elements through many vision boards for everything from the nightly dinner parties to the daily attire, layers of design references, and scouring antique stores for authentic details that would set the scene.

What makes Cassie a notch above the rest is not only her creative point of view, but also her comprehensive network of event professionals who she has made a point of fostering long-standing relationships with. When she was approached to produce the Camp Round Top event, she knew exactly who to call on — vendors came from all over the country, from floral artist Antonio Bond to the chef, Yann Nury. She hand-selected every member of the team to execute the event, knowing who was needed to take this event to the level she envisioned. Her network and relationships with vendors worldwide brings unparalleled value to the events she produces.

Experts at creating ‘wow’ moments

As quoted in the Flower Magazine article, written by Karen Carroll, an attendee noted that “everywhere we looked there was a visual surprise or another magical experience.” Knowing that she wanted to create an experience that would ensure the high-profile guests’ expectations for comfort, design, and hospitality were exceeded, Cassie prioritized wowing them above everything else. She took the logistical challenges in her stride, collaborating with the various members of her personally curated event team, and turned to her myriad of design references and inspiration to get the wheels turning. In the end, she “established the aesthetic of the camp through art installations, curated furnishings, and thoughtful details that showcased local makers, as well as captured the overall spirit of both the antiques fair and Camp Round Top — the thrill of the hunt and a sense of discovery.”

While most of the prep work would normally take place behind closed doors, Cassie and her team immersed themselves in and among the guests to organize the different occasions on the guests’ itineraries, each with a different theme, where “each set change unexpectedly became a much-anticipated part of the show, with guests peering over the shoulders of both LaMere and floral artist Antonio Bond to ask questions and get impromptu flower-arranging lessons as each tableau evolved.”

A CLE reflection

If you’ve seen our Instagram posts about the article, then you know that getting published in Flower Magazine is a milestone moment for our agency. As Cassie so aptly states, “it is one of the greatest compliments we can receive as creators. Flower Magazine so beautifully shared the story of this magical event and it means a lot to me that this experience can live on through such a perfect tribute to our time in the field.”

What makes being a luxury event planner such a joy is sharing in the moments Cassie gets to create for other people — that these events are ephemeral in nature, never to be replicated again, and that’s what makes events like Camp Round Top and the memories created there so special. Because this four-day event required months of planning and hours of hard work, it’s so meaningful to see it be celebrated on the cover and pages of a national publication where the stories can continue to be shared and the team who went above and beyond to help make this possible receive the recognition they so well deserve. It’s also an absolute treat for us to be able to revisit the memories created at Camp Round Top and to know that those memories were created by the guests in the spaces and experiences that we visualized and brought to life.

Where we go from here

It’s simple: we keep going forward. And we keep pushing boundaries whenever we can. Our favorite conversations with clients begin with “What If…?”. We want our clients to imagine without limits and know that our team can make their dreamiest event happen. We have the experience, knowledge, and relationships to continue to wow even the most discerning of clients and guests. This is not a job for us, it’s a lifestyle. And our work is the special contribution that we add to the world, containing our vision and love for luxury events, sharing our passion and creations with others, all while delivering experiences that prompt feelings of otherworldliness and connection. Cassie spends countless hours researching, traveling, and exploring numerous sources of inspiration, continually archiving ideas for future projects. We understand the standard of quality and service our clients expect because we have experienced that level ourselves, and we immerse ourselves in environments and experiences that allow us to continue to formulate ideas on how to raise the bar.

We will continue to be exacting and meticulous in every event we produce. We will continue to let clients know that we have the ability to deliver. We will continue to dream up ideas for our bucket list events that we plan to someday create, with our library of ideas ready for us to turn to when the moment presents itself. And we’ll continue to create custom events that you won’t experience anywhere else.

Cassie LaMere Events has cultivated our expertise through over 15 years of event collaborations with Fortune 500 companies and elite private clientele. Camp Round Top was one of those culminating moments, as we watched a whole new world emerge in the middle of a field — a seemingly impossible feat. But, as Nelson Mandela once said, “it always seems impossible until it’s done.”

For the ultimate event customized to the tee, no matter how elaborate or out of reach you may think it is, we’re the events team for you. Get in touch to create something visionary.

Camp Round Top Images by Dagnushka

It’s been a fantastic summer events season. Producing some knockout outdoor summer affairs and attending memorable gatherings in exciting destinations have given us a renewed love for this time of year. While the season may soon be coming to a close, we’re breaking down the best ways to squeeze in a few more moments of fun in the sun with these end-of-summer party ideas.

1. Throw a Themed Party

Everything feels more fun in summer, right? A theme will properly fête the end of summer and usher it out on a high note! When you pair everyone’s favorite season of leisure with a timely dress-up element, you will undoubtedly get your guests feeling festive and ready to party surrounded by their favorite people before cooler weather hits. Consider these approachable themes that are all fun and no fuss:

  • Country club-themed party: think tennis attire, playful menus, Pimm’s cups, and strawberries and cream (Bonus points for pairing this with a US Open watch party!)

  • Fiesta party: salvage the last bits of warmth with brightly colored attire, delicious spicy margaritas, and freshly made salsa dips

  • Garden party: bring the party to you with an intimate outdoor gathering with your nearest and dearest

Photo of tablescape by Ben Porter Photography
Photo by Ben Porter Photography

2. A Summer Brunch

Kicking things off in the midday sun is one of the best ways to cling to the last few summery moments. An al fresco brunch spent with your closest friends and family, raising your glasses to savoring leisurely meals (Think Italy on holiday vibes), is the perfect way to celebrate the end of summer. Consider a menu showcasing the vibrant fruits and vegetables we crave when summer arrives. You can even incorporate hand-illustrated designs onto the event menu or invitations for a whimsical play on seasonal ingredients. Welcome your guests with an enticing chilled beverage — it’s peak spritz and frosé season, after all!

Photo by Papellerie

3. Not Your Average Barbeque

Barbeque, but make it luxury.

Barbeques are a staple summer hosting event, but let’s elevate it to give guests a taste of the unexpected. Ditch the usual sticky BBQ chicken and consider hiring a hibachi and chef for an interactive, high-energy experience that guests will remember. Create a gorgeous tablescape that mimics the feel of a communal feast with abundant family-style accouterments and luxurious toppings peppered down the table- enjoying the inviting and convivial spirit of a BBQ is always a treat!

Photo of Camp Round Top event by Cassie LaMere Events
Photo by Dagnushka

4. Host an Outdoor Cocktail Party

You can’t go wrong with a cocktail party. An outdoor bar set in your garden is not only practical but also brings a sophisticated aesthetic to an outside event. Make the dress code smart-casual with an emphasis on sundresses and coastal grandma chic attire to give summer a stunning send-off. You could even consider specifying a color palette in your invitations to achieve an Instagram-worthy moment. Keep things crisp and simple: classic summer staples go a long way. We suggest topping off your bar with a large-scale arrangement of seasonal blooms and freshly-sourced garnishes that are synonymous with memories of fun in the sun.

Bar area at event
Photo by Jerry Hayes

We’ve been savoring the last bits of summer as much as we can by traveling, hosting gatherings, and gearing up for a new season. The transition from summer to fall brings new possibilities and is collectively one of our favorite times of the year! Cassie LaMere Events is an expert in producing both indoor and outdoor events of any size with a keen eye for detail and a passion for bringing event visions to life. Get in touch if you’re looking to throw a dreamy end-of-summer party and don’t forget, it’s never too early to start planning for fall and holiday celebrations!

It’s time to make the most out of the last few gorgeous summer months! We’re already over halfway through July, which means the warmth of the sun will soon slowly start to dissipate and will be replaced by shorter days and cooler nights.

All our blog posts are intended to give you unique insight into the mind of a luxury event planner with experience planning a wide variety of events, and this post is no different. COVID restrictions might be more relaxed, but the pandemic has prompted an awakening among people who have realized that it’s still possible to have a meaningful, luxurious celebration without the need for hundreds of people. What a successful celebration looks like has shifted, and we’re here to show you how to throw an intimate backyard gathering that will still make it into the memory books.

What We Love About a Backyard Celebration

A backyard celebration, whether on your veranda or in your garden, is fast becoming one of our favorite kinds of get-togethers. Some of the many reasons why we love this type of gathering are:

  • Fewer people means you have an opportunity to spend more meaningful time with each of your guests.

  • Setting the table for a smaller group allows you to play with individualized, mini portions for some of your courses and handmade decorative details.

  • For casual events, you have an opportunity to add lawn games for guests to enjoy.

  • Your backyard is personal to you and more intimate for you and your guests. The familiarity of your own space adds a certain sentimentality and ease to the event.

  • You have more control over how the event runs and you’ll get to repurpose the expenses you would have had on a venue for your backyard event.

  • You can use your own home decor for added personal touches, such as your own bistro lights, favorite decorative items, collected serving pieces, and even a mix of chairs.

Image by Charles Reagan

Setting the Scene

There is something ethereal and romantic about a gorgeous al-fresco setup. Summer gatherings at home with loved ones just hit different, you know? Be inspired by your surroundings to select florals and colors that complement the seasonal setting in your garden. If your yard is filled with mostly greenery, go all-out with a tonal and bold palette, from the balloon arch (if it’s a birthday, bridal, or baby shower) to the flower arrangements. Then, clearly allocate different sections of your identified outdoor space for different purposes — have a space for welcome bites, another for a gin/bubbly bar, and a larger area for your main table.

Image by Ben Porter Photography

Keeping Guests Engaged

A good host knows that one of the signatures of a memorable event is keeping guests engaged and amazed from the moment they arrive. Make an entrance with a statement sign or decor, whether you’re celebrating a milestone birthday or planning a micro-wedding. There’s nothing better than arriving at an event and having a glass of champagne placed in your hand, too (you know what they say about first impressions, and you can’t go wrong with a glass of crisp bubbles to set the tone)!

The interior of your home, if that’s your chosen entrance, should be dotted with decorations that lead guests to the main entertainment area. With a small gathering, you’re able to quickly greet your guests as they arrive and guide them to hors d'oeuvres, lawn games, and more drinks (a sure way to rack up hosting points). Many of our clients are currently including live cooking stations or chef demos outside at their dinner parties, both of which are great ways to enhance the guests’ culinary experience and bring added entertainment to your outdoor gathering.

Image by Dagnushka

Prepping for the Main Event

If you’re going to rent anything, rent a large table for your guests to dine on. A bare wooden table mimics the natural beauty of being outside and opens up hundreds of decorative opportunities. Choose to decorate with eye-catching floral arrangements and candles for an event that lingers from golden hour well into the starry-sky evening. Neutral or bright color palettes both work for enhancing those quintessential endless summer vibes while dining outdoors. Consider incorporating vibrant crockery matched with elegant crystal glassware (these are giving us Aperol Spritz energy!) and modern cutlery to create a fun yet luxurious outdoor dining experience for your guests.

Image #3 by Dagnushka

You don't have to settle for the conventional! Whether you're dreaming of a backyard barbeque or an intimate milestone celebration, it is possible to create a luxury event in the comfort of your own backyard, and we’re here to help you do that! We’re well-versed in bespoke events, no matter the size, and have had the pleasure of producing several stunning micro-events over the years. Get in touch with Cassie LaMere Events while the sun’s still out!