Trend Report: Going ‘Ham’ for Gingham

Apr 12, 2022

As purveyors of all things fabulous, we feel we have a responsibility to always be on the lookout for trends, whether in the form of new fashion finds or unique tablescape ideas. Trends, of whichever variety, can form the basis of new inspiration for our specific niche of luxury event planning, and we love being given the opportunity to get creative with incorporating modern style movements into our client work. The gingham trend is one we’ve spotted as an up-and-coming aspect of fashion, events, and interior decor — quite fitting, actually, as it makes a timeless summer classic. Keep reading to see our favorite recent discoveries and why we’re going ‘ham’ for gingham.

The “Picnic Blanket Chic” Trend We Never Knew We Needed

If you know what a conventional red-and-white-checked picnic blanket looks like, you are already close to acquainting yourself with the gingham style and pattern. Originally, gingham comes from the Malayan word genggang, which translates as “striped” but, since this is a fabric with a 500-year-old history, its meaning has evolved. Gingham, now known as contrasting checks, is actually distinguished primarily for being a “dyed in the yarn” fabric, meaning the yarn is dyed before it is woven. We are thankful that the gingham trend has risen in popularity, giving us visualists so much to play with!

A 2021 report captured the essence of gingham in the most perfect way for us: “youthful optimism and nostalgia at the same time.” Is this not also an idyllic way to describe the feelings that come with summer? This year, the gingham trend is going beyond the picnic blanket and offering the hit of dopamine we all need in the form of vibrant fashion pieces, chic event ensembles, and nostalgic interior decor inspiration.

Left: LouLou Baker | Right: BBJ La Tavola Specialty Linen

Gingham Trends in Fashion, Events, and Interior Decor

When it comes to gingham, the visual opportunities are endless. In the world of fashion, it’s the striking effect of black-and-white checks on a midi skirt or cardigan paired with a bright neck scarf that makes strutting the streets in summer that much more enjoyable. In interior decor spaces, it’s the vintage-looking lamp bases that are the perfect mix of town and country. And in our favorite arena of all, it’s the subtle ruffled gingham tablecloth or decorative seat cushion paired with bold florals that strip an event of any unnecessary seriousness and replace it with an aura of lightness and playfulness.

Left: Over the Moon | Right: Harvey Nichols

A Spotlight on Gingham Products and Brands We’re Loving

Despite being considered a ‘graphic’ print, there are ways for gingham to be an ultra-fine addition to any outfit ensemble. Something like the Imogen dress from Over the Moon, flaunting stunning silk bows and sequins, paired with a sleek updo and statement earrings is far from what you would wear to a picnic on the lawns. Rather, it’s a flirty, yet elegant take on the gingham trend that’s suitable for the upcoming celebration season.

Gingham lends itself perfectly when looking to elevate a seemingly rustic interior. We had to stop scrolling on Instagram when we spotted one of Hotel Lulu’s rooms adorned almost ceiling-to-floor with gingham curtains and fabric. The distinctive pattern does not cause us to feel distracted but instead hypnotized in the very best way. Petite checks on the curtains paired with bolder ones on the hotel bed’s headboard, complemented by classic white linen and vintage decorative pieces, make this the perfect example of gingham done right.

And speaking finally to events where we bring our love of fashion and interior design together, gingham in event decoration and tablescapes adds an element of whimsy without being kitsch — to us, it checks all the boxes. Something like this baby blue, ruffled-edge gingham table cloth from the Born on Fifth for Antonio Melani collection is a serene backdrop to a lady’s lunch or baby shower. Whether a traditional or contemporary event, gingham is a versatile print with an endless array of gorgeous outcomes.

Left: Hotel Lulu | Middle: Mark D. Sikes | Right: Condé Nast

Our Final Thoughts

Feeling inspired? We understand that one may not know where to begin with mixing colors and pattern play. Thankfully, our team is well-versed in taking a holistic approach to events that incorporates your vision. It’s all about balance — consider us the scales you need in ensuring your event has everything you want it to flaunt. Get in touch with our team and allow us to check-off your entertaining to do list by being a part of your event from start to finish.