The Anatomy of a Summer Tablescape

May 19, 2022

Most parts of the world have emerged from the icy grips of winter and are now enjoying the new beginnings that come with spring. Spring brings renewed feelings of joy and optimism, observed in the fresh seasonal florals and the warmth of the sun’s rays on our skin. As we approach summer, we are eager to be spending time outdoors again — what this means for us as event planners is an abundance of decorative opportunities, flowers coming into bloom, and vibrant colors popping back into our lives. If you’re planning an outdoor event, consider our approach when it comes to setting a spring or summer tablescape that incorporates bold and interactive elements that will inspire your guests.

Start by Spring Cleaning Your Interior Décor

With the arrival of the outdoor entertaining season comes the opportunity to refresh your home’s décor. Take this as your cue to re-think how you decorate with ideas that highlight the stunning transition from spring into summer events.

2022’s spring and summer color trends may be a good starting point when planning your tablescape or when looking for ideas. Soft lilacs contrasted with canary yellows will create a serene setting for a baby shower or ladies’ brunch in the garden; a hot pink palette paired with salted caramels makes for a punchy backdrop to a festive celebration, and bold scarlets mingling with subtle sky blues will set the scene for a certain European sensibility at Sunday lunch. Clear your mind of any preconceived notions about what spring and summer ‘look like’ and embrace change — it’s time to breathe new life into your décor. And when in doubt, remember that blue and white is always right!

Try the Farmhouse Chic Approach

There’s something about the farmhouse chic trend that feels synonymous with spring and summer to us. For your summer tablescape, incorporate woven placemats or chargers for an organic, natural look and feel. Pair these rustic elements with elevated ones, like your favorite crystal glasses, upscale furniture, and a striking centerpiece. As with anything in life, it’s important that your decorative elements are kept in balance so that no single aspect overpowers the other. Plus, we believe mixing design eras or references makes an event feel truly custom.

If you’re opting for a wooden table, we recommend keeping it bare aside from a table runner down the middle; consider a gauzy neutral color fabric or linen in any of the colors we listed above (depending on your chosen palette). The bare wood adds texture to the ensemble and provides a great foundation that is easy to decorate with accompanying bright colors. Place gingham napkins in between the plate and charger for a polished farmhouse look and to incorporate some pattern.

We love the farmhouse chic approach when provided the opportunity — the style evokes feelings of warmth and comfort, akin to the feelings of a season known for gatherings that linger from golden hour to well past sunset.

Carefully Considered Micro Details

Just as Mother Nature considers the timing of blossomy spectacles — details of natural phenomena that will always leave us in awe — so should you with even the most minor details on your spring and summer tablescape. Consider matching the dinner napkins to the taper candles for subtle color coordination and layer in botanical place cards tied onto a summer branch for an added personal touch that will enhance your table’s entire impact. When it comes to serving pieces, don’t shy away from experimenting with the color or pattern to amplify the playfulness that comes with the season, and leverage natural lighting — consider an al fresco approach and tie in details with the surrounding environment.

If there’s a chance to incorporate vintage items into your décor, your spring and summer tablescape is it. Utilizing assorted collections of tableware conveys an effortless approach to entertaining that complements the spirit of summer’s easy-breezy reputation. Bring the outdoors to your table with stoneware urns filled with long branches of herbs or fruit for a pop of color.

Each season comes with its own palette, distinguishing natural elements, and associated styling ideas that all elicit different sets of feelings. Spring and summer, including the transitioning phase from one to the other, bring nothing but delight and your tablescapes have every opportunity to set the scene for memorable occasions. If you’re looking to achieve a spring or summer-inspired event, Cassie LaMere Events is your partner in planning. We’ve successfully been bringing event visions to life regardless of the size or occasion, with an impressive portfolio to match. For your upcoming event, get in touch.