Fêtes in film | sabrina

Apr 16, 2019

In our new blog series, we examine iconic event scenes in film and share inspiration for future fêtes! Up first, al fresco entertaining with the beloved film, Sabrina.

We have officially ushered in outdoor entertaining season, where the fresh air and extended hours of daylight beckon you to get out and celebrate. For those of us in Austin and surrounding areas, the opportunity to bring the festivities outside lasts well into the fall, giving us plenty of time to host several al fresco soirées.

Whether it be brunch, a chic backyard barbeque, poolside bash, or dinner party, now is the ideal time to plan a fabulous fête outdoors. Our inspiration for entertaining under the stars comes from our fond memories of the party scenes in the film Sabrina. The Larrabee family’s events always had the big three: bistro lights, a big band, and of course, lots of bubbly. Regardless of whether your favorite Sabrina is Audrey or Julia, you can’t help but fall under the enchanting spell of this love story, set amongst the twinkling lights and waltz serenades.

We love the dreamy backyard setting, with guests donning glamorous formal attire and ball gowns sweeping across the dance floor. For your own gathering, attire can range from casual to couture, leaving cause for celebration almost as endless as summer itself. Surprise and delight guests by preparing gifts such as custom beach towels, paper fans, or cozy shawls, guaranteed to set the tone and make guests feel welcome.

Much like the iconic parties in Sabrina, special occasions and charitable endeavors seem all the more personal and intimate when hosted within a beautiful home and outdoor living space. When entertaining outdoors, we seek inspiration from the surroundings and build an experience that blends seamlessly with the existing landscape. Bountiful spring blossoms, classic ivy trellises, rattan lounge seating, and eclectic serving pieces can create a space that is inviting and special to the host. Now is the time to bring out the table top items that you have amassed from travels near and far. Don’t be afraid to mix styles; each object has a story to tell, and guests will be curious to hear about the memories you formed collecting them. Heirlooms and antiques also shine in this setting, where a blend of old and new speaks to the merriment that has come before and that which remains ahead.

Taking a cue from the film, we love when a gregarious host knows that a special song request from the band and a toast to the guest of honor always makes for an evening that attendees won’t soon forget. For us, the range of possibilities including a spontaneous dance party on the tennis court, family-style meals with a side of laughter shared around a vineyard table, and revelry that lasts into the wee hours are all part of the season’s charm.

We can’t wait for guests to see what’s in store outdoors!