Three Keepsake Gift Ideas for Capturing Event Memories

Jul 10, 2023

For our team, there is no greater gift than knowing that the memories we create at our events for our hosts and guests will last a lifetime. We have the privilege of sharing in momentous occasions and celebrations, all of which have a sentimental element woven into the experience we create.

Three Keepsake Gift Ideas for Capturing Event Memories

There’s the entrepreneur who has completed their latest round of funding and is hosting a party to toast their dream becoming a reality.

The parent-to-be whose bundle of joy is being fêted with a joyous celebration in great anticipation of their arrival.

There’s the well-known brand that’s introducing a new product collaboration and is hosting their top clients, partners, and influencers for an evening they’ll never forget.

Or the fabulous woman who wants to ring in her milestone birthday in style with loved ones in an exotic destination.

And the happy couple who’s embarking on one of the most important days of their lives.

In all of these moments, the intentionality behind the gathering is of utmost importance and we thrive on the opportunity to incorporate custom details into the event that connect the host to their guests.

After the candles have been blown out, the food has been savored, and the champagne drank, how do you collect the memories made into a keepsake that you can return to again and again? We are often asked what our favorite gifts are for the host or a special occasion; these three keepsake ideas are our latest obsession for their ability to offer a meaningful trip down memory lane.

Petite Keep Trunk

Three Keepsake Gift Ideas for Capturing Event Memories 2

The gift of a Petite Keep Trunk is universal. Whether for a new parent, graduate, or newlyweds, these charming personalized trunks are the ideal place to collect all of your favorite trinkets and momentos.

A family-owned small business, Petite Keep understands the importance of capturing these memories and reflecting upon them throughout a lifetime. With a variety of patterns, colors, and personalizations to choose from, this is one of our go-to gifts for showers, both wedding and baby, milestone birthdays, or wedding day gifts. We love that these trunks instantly become an heirloom that can be enjoyed, added to, and passed down throughout the years.

Cork Time Capsule

Three Keepsake Gift Ideas for Capturing Event Memories 3

A festive celebration often calls for a bottle (or two) of a special champagne or wine. If you’re like us, holding onto the cork is a thoughtful way to recount the stories from a significant gathering. Given that many of our clients have an affinity for fine wine and champagne, this keepsake is a fresh take on a host gift when you’re struggling with what to get for the one who has it all.

Simply tuck the cork inside the hinged glass box from Fieldshop by Garden & Gun and jot down a memory or fun fact onto the included paper scroll. We’ve seen guests notate an inside joke, the wine they enjoyed (perfect for answering those “What was that amazing wine we had… questions”) and even a personal wish. This charming cork box is like a message in a bottle, after you’ve finished the bottle.

Personalized Picture Frame or Photo Album

Three Keepsake Gift Ideas for Capturing Event Memories 4

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a gift that allows the recipient to truly enjoy their images speaks volumes. Our personal belief is you can never have too many picture frames. In a digital age where most of our images live on a device, the gift of a picture frame or photo book is a welcomed invitation to take a break from over consumption of screen time and soak in an image IRL.

Several of our most-loved brands offer personalization services for their luxurious picture frames. Match Pewter, Mark & Graham, and Christofle all have beautiful options that will easily become display-worthy objects in anyone’s home or office. Following an event, there is no shortage of amazing images to enjoy and presenting the host or guest with a picture frame is a thoughtful way to keep the party going.

Three Keepsake Gift Ideas for Capturing Event Memories 5

With personalized photo books or albums, your gift can speak volumes: volumes I. II. and so on, to be exact! Artifact Uprising has a diverse selection of customizable photo books that bring an artistic eye to your story. Thanks to several easy to use, pre-designed layouts, your personal archive can expand with each new memorable occasion. The quality of the materials are akin to a luxury coffee table book that doubles as a focal point in your favorite gathering place or on a well-curated bookshelf. As a bonus, Artifact Uprising offers digital gift certificates that can quickly and easily be delivered to a recipient from afar.

Three Keepsake Gift Ideas for Capturing Event Memories 6

For a highly detailed, elevated artisanal gift, we recommend MH Studios embroidered photo albums. Each book is bespoke, created by an atelier of designers in São Paulo who work collaboratively with the client to render a cover scene that reflects the essence of the event and a collection of meaningful details from the occasion. Their handmade books are an extraordinary one-of-a-kind gift that’s as beautiful on the outside as it is in the inside.

There’s something about a special event that feels deserving of a ceremonial keepsake. The memories tied to these moments in time will live on as stories passed down; fond reflections of a life well lived that can be revisited and recalled. Each of these gifts provide an opportunity to leave your mark on the world with a reminder that says “A good time was had by all!”

Images Courtesy of Artifact Uprising, Petite Keep, Fieldshop by Garden & Gun, Artifact Uprising, MH Studios.