Round Top Roundup: Everything You Need to Know for the Fall Antiques Show

Sep 29, 2023

In the words of Shania Twain, “Let’s Go Girls!” Round Top Antiques Fair is once again upon us and the fall show happens to be particularly special. If you’re lucky, the air will be crisp, the finds will be aplenty, and the margaritas will most definitely be chilled.

We’ve come to know and love Round Top, having spent many occasions in the fields popping up parties for clients and shopping the show. There’s a lot to see and do- some can even find it to be a bit intimidating, so we’re here to help you know where to start. We’ve rounded up our favorite Round Top locations to eat, stay, and shop ‘til you drop.


All of that shopping can work up an appetite. While there are many options to choose from, these are our personal favorites for the perfect combination of vibe, delicious meals, and a place to linger with friends.

Prost on Block 29 Pizza and Wine Bar

This al fresco eatery with wood-fired pizza oven and quaint wine shop is the perfect place to put up your feet after a long day in the fields and regale the story of your favorite finds. Only open Thursday – Saturday, this is a gem that you won’t want to miss. Pro Tip: If you enjoy a good vintage treasure, then you probably also enjoy a bottle of beautiful vintage wine. The wine shop has a fantastic retail selection that you can take to-go and bring back to enjoy on your porch or fireside under the stars.

Y Comida and Lady Elaine

The most craveable dishes live here. Whether it’s Chef Nick Middleton’s lovingly handmade prix-fixe menu or Lady Elaine’s southern staples, you will eat well at Bader Ranch. Post up outside with a bottle of rosé and some snacks for a lunchtime break or happy hour with friends. The location happens to feature the most spectacular sunsets each evening and the good vibes will be flowing. Inside the barn, it doesn’t get better than dining on Y Comida’s fall menu with creative dishes and lots of laughs. Be sure to book a reso, seatings for dinner service fill up!

In the morning, grab a breakfast taco from Round Top Coffee Shop and for another lunch option, check out The Garden Co. Marketplace and Cafe. Of course, no trip to Round Top is complete without a Royers Round Top Cafe pie!



Diana Vreeland said “The eye has to travel” and the design afcianados will soak up every detail of Lulu’s maximalist decor. Snag a seat in one of the cozy nooks for an aperitif or nightcap; either way, you’re sure to be delighted.

Ellis Motel

If there’s one margarita you must try- it’s at Ellis Motel. Served in a mason jar with just the right proportions, this Round Top staple is one of our preferred watering holes. An icon in its own right, you’ll enjoy the people watching each night. The crowd, a mix of locals, purveyors, and shoppers, brings an eclectic mix that guarantees a good time.

New to Round Top this season is the speakeasy Mark. We’ll definitely be stopping by and reporting back.


If you’ve searched online for accomodations in Round Top, then you’ve likely discovered that like the antiques, the early-bid gets the pickins’. You’ll want to book early to lock-in the best locations that are conveniently located close to the shopping and dining experiences in town. Home rentals are available, as well, but also in high demand.

Round Top Inn

Don’t let the somewhat rustic appearance fool you, this inn is refreshingly polished. The individual cabins make for a lovely homebase close to the epicenter of the action and there’s ample room on the grounds to kick-back after a long day. Their chef makes a wonderful breakfast for guests every morning that will fuel a day of treasure hunting. As a bonus, their location backs up to Prost on Block 29- one can easily stroll from place to place.

The Frenchie

Picture you and your friends having a laugh around the pool with rosé in hand- this is the je ne sais quoi of The Frenchie. The rooms and entire property are what Gen Z would refer to as aesthetic- filled with pops of color and cheeky designs that instantly transport you into vacation mode. Their new pool house is the perfect gathering place for cocktails and a delicious meal prepared by their in-house chef. They even have a well-appointed kitchen available to guests if you’d like to bring a few creature comforts from home with you for your stay.

The Red Antler

If a bungalow filled with designer textiles and luxury details is your vibe, then The Red Antler is your spot! Their newly introduced Branca Bungalow is elevated and welcoming- the type of place where you’ll feel right at home. Their individual accommodations gives guests a place to hang their hat close to the shops. They even host their own marketplace that you can peruse right outside your door.


There’s something for everyone at the Round Top Antiques Fair. In this guide, we’re sharing our personal go-to locations for treasure hunting (You’re welcome). With so much to explore, we’ve refined our list to these top spots: these are the locations we hit first and then venture out from there. New vendors are always being introduced at the show and there’s no shortage of goods to discover.

Pro Tip: All of the below locations offer complimentary parking on their property, so you can easily navigate from one hot spot to the next and fill up the car along the way!

Bader Ranch

You’ve heard about the culinary scene at Bader Ranch and their vendors also are not to be missed. Here you’ll find some of the most beautiful European antiques surrounding a collection of of-the-moment clothing and accessory designers who you could say “understood the assignment.” Think chic hats, designer vintage clothing and accessories, and luxe linens. Our personal favorites include Sissy Light, Stash Style, Lady Captain, and Miron Crosby. Their annual shopping shindig on Oct. 24th is the perfect time to visit and snag the best finds.

Blue Hills

The hills are alive with the excitement of shoppers. There’s a lot to see at Blue Hills and a wide range of vendors. Many are peddling stylish new clothing, accessories, and home decor. Peppered in, you’ll find some vintage and antiques to explore. Grab a drink and walk around the grounds, weaving in and out of rows and stalls to find your hidden gem. Stop by 25 Mackenzie Lane for gorgeous pillows and bed linens that are luxury without the price tag.

Hibiscus Linens will be hosting their annual Dinner in the Hayfield event series during the show and if you’re lucky, there may still be a ticket left!

Excess II

If you see a row of metal garage stalls, you’ve found the place! Excess II is a collector’s paradise for unearthing furniture and home decor finds. The less polished experience of the booths is part of the charm- here, you’ll have to have some grit and BYOB. Mid-century is prevalent and the quirky one-off’s that you never knew you needed are here. Stop by Loo Loo Design for beautiful antique home fixtures and keep an eye out for hotelier Liz Lambert, who can always be spotted here picking goods for her next vintage-laden hospitality project. Her stamp of approval is all we need!

Bar W- Fields Across from Excess II

Just down from Excess II is a field filled with pop-up rows of vendors hawking wares from folding tables and tents. This location is for those who enjoy the thrill of the hunt. The grounds are not manicured and the silver hasn’t been poslihed, but you can dig through the sprawling booths to unearth some amazing finds. The prices reflect the lack of amenities and we’re happy to ablige. There’s a little bit of everything here and you’ll quickly be able to suss out your favorite spots.

Marburger Farm

Think of Marbuger Farm as the Superbowl of antiques. This is the crème de la crème of vendors who present highly curated shops within the tents that are frequented by high-profile designers and editors. The competition for prized pieces is steep and the price tags reflect the quality, and coveted nature, of the items. It’s certainly a bucket list experience for any antique enthusiast- even if you aren’t in the market for large furniture pieces or the jewel pieces of an important design movement, the inspiration is endless and the people watching can be its own sport. This particular show only happens for a defined amount of dates within the fall calendar, whereas other locations are open for multiple weeks. Make sure you check the schedule and get your tickets in advance. When they open the gates that first morning, it’s a designer dash!

The Compound

The Compound is composed of multiple buildings (hence the name) with temporary tents added during the major shows. Stop by the main building for inspiration and a mini champagne from the vending machine. Then, head to your left across the path to the building that features a small cafe. They have the best chocolate chip cookies and iced tea for that afternoon pick-me-up. We’ve added a few pieces to our collections from the wonderful sterling silver dealer in this annex, there’s also great estate jewelry and fine European antiques.

Market Hill

To market, to market. There’s a lot to see at Market Hill: the latest buzz is around their new addition- a second, sprawling building full of fabulous vendors (And AC!)

We’ve heard there’s a new European Antiques dealer by the name of Architectural Artifacts coming to Market Hill this fall that we’ll definitely be stopping by.

When canvasing the pavement of Market Hill, be sure to pop in to see Susan Horne Antiques new location. You’ll quickly discover a jewel box of a shop that beautifully illustrates how to live with a tastefully curated collection of old and new. Through a very chic eye, everything in their store is selected to complement a lifestyle spent surrounded by layers of interesting finds that are objet d’art. Whether antique, vintage, or contemporary, the stylish mother daughter duo has thoughtfully edited their showroom to bring a vast selection of timeless pieces to their well-heeled clientele.


The cult-favorite hat brand annually pops-up in Round Top during the show, bringing their customizable accessories and ”hattitude” flair to town. Expect the drinks to be flowing, the mood to be at an all time high, and come prepared with an idea of what symbol or moniker you’d like branded into your bespoke hat. With a style synonymous with Round Top, it’s no wonder that the brand is setting up a permanent shop in town, putting their stamp on the antique stomping grounds. The new location will debut at the fall show and we have no doubt a good time will ensue to properly christen their opening.

Speaking of hats: there’s always the question of what to wear? Anything goes in Round Top, so feel free to express yourself and be a little extra. Plan for layers as the weather can be varied, comfortable shoes or boots for the field, rain boots and jackets come in handy so you can shop rain or shine, and a hat is the unofficial official accessory of the show (Good thing you now know the best places to pick up one!). Bonus points for eclectic vintage looks, loads of jewelry, and wardrobes with a little southern personality.

Just like Round Top, our list is ever-evolving and is certainly not all encompassing. There’s so much to see and do in this lovely town; we hope that by being your boots on the ground in the fields, we have helped guide you to some of the highlights that are not to be missed. But keep in mind that part of the adventure of Round Top is never knowing what treasure might be uncovered meandering in a field or under the beams of small town barn.

And if you’re ever looking to host an event, retreat, or girls trip in Round Top, consider us your experts on all things Round Top! We would be happy to create an experience personalized to you and your guests.

For more details for the fall show, check out Round and Paper City for full event guides.