Design Eye for the #wfh Office Guide

Apr 15, 2020

You’re shattering glass ceilings from the comfort of your home, which means your remote work space should be just as inspired. Take a cue from our go-to event design elements and let them guide you in creating stylish office digs, sweatpants encouraged.

Image Courtesy of 1stdibs

As event designers, our days are often spent taking a meticulous eye to spaces, details, and settings to create an experience. With each event comes a new opportunity to dream up environments that inspire, by way of storytelling and engaging the senses.

With the entire world on lockdown, we know the new norm is conducting business amongst the creature comforts of our homes. As we’ve been video chatting with friends and colleagues about the need to define a #wfh space (And let’s be honest, curiously browsing what’s in their background), we discovered that the core elements we incorporate into our events similarly work as a recipe for assembling a stylish home office.

Here, a few of our design tips adapted as a guide for composing your own remote HQ.

Statement Chair | Feel free to explore playing with patterns and unique shapes! You can even mix textiles, which will create visual interest that encourages the eye to roam. Just be sure to prioritize comfort along with cool factor.

Good Lighting | Never underestimate the power of good lighting. Natural or diffused light will bring a sense of warmth and be complementary to live + work surroundings. Achieve Insta-filter status with a tabletop lamp that is both functional and fetching.

Fresh Flowers | Nothing breathes life into a space like fresh flowers. Whether petite or pronounced, their presence and fragrance are an instant mood boost that in the words of Marie Kondo, spark joy.

Curated Art | Be it works from the great masters or a local market find, a focal point of art ignites the creative spirit. A gallery wall or signature piece will inspire your work and bring energy to your day.

Nestled Side Table | During the design process, our team relies on a beloved French phrase: mise en place, or everything in its place, applies as much to your home office as it does a perfectly set tablescape. Enter the nestled side table, an ideal landing spot for quarantine reads and the beverage of choice to fuel your hustle. An architectural, antique, or bohemian companion can be used as a perch for your morning ritual during Zoom meetings, then transition to a favorite cocktail for virtual happy hours with friends.

Charming Décor Accents | A collection of talismans, heirlooms, and mementos transform any room into a personal space where you’ll want to linger. Surround yourself with details that tell a story and take a page from our playbook by adding a touch of whimsy!